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Three irrigation management tools are under development for testing and refining in the final years of the programme. Twenty irrigating dairy farmers in the Canterbury region are trialling the prototype tools.

Irrimate scheduling tool

Should I irrigate today?

The Irrimate tool incorporates soil properties, current soil moisture, future rainfall and evapotranspiration, and costs of irrigation to help farmers choose when and how they irrigate.

The Insight plot: found within the Irrimate tool the Insight plot is helping farmers visually understand how water is moving through the grass root zone and what the consequences are of their irrigation decisions.

Find out how on three very different pilot farms: Using the Insight plot: three pilot farmer case studies

HydroEcon strategy tool

What irrigation approach fits my farm?

Designed to help farmers make strategic irrigation decisions such as scheduling approaches and infrastructure development.


SoilMate app

How variable is my farm?

Combines soil moisture measurements from a mobile soil moisture sensor and NIWA's high-resolution weather forecast to provide a site-specific 6-day soil moisture forecast.

Case studies

The tools developed in the programme are being tested on pilot farms throughout Canterbury